Fine Gael TD for Dublin North West, Noel Rock, has highlighted that Fianna Fáil are back to their old ways again, with spending promises of €750m by two spokespeople for just two departments across two months alone.

Deputy Rock said: “These spending promises are stacking up like expensive pancakes.

“Some €750m has been pledged by two Fianna Fáil spokespeople, Thomas Byrne and Willie O’Dea, over the past two months.

“This isn’t to take account of health, housing, transport, tax reductions, public sector pay, the rainy day fund or the other interest groups FF have been promising the sun the moon and the stars to.

“In short: they’re writing cheques that they just can’t cash”.

Deputy Rock continued: “It immediately brings to mind the 1997 campaign where, in a desperate bid to win at all costs, Fianna Fáil signed off on letters making promises to special interest groups using either pseudonyms, illegible names, and illegible names in Irish, so that there could be no follow up on the promises, according to Pat Leahy’s book on the campaign “Showtime”.

“Some on the left have recently said you can’t fit the width of a credit card between Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil. Not so.

“The difference is that with Fianna Fáil you’d need the width of the credit card, the length of the credit card and certainly the PIN code of credit card if they got near power again: they overpromise, overspend and underdeliver.”

Deputy Rock concluded: “While they seem to be spoiling for an election, we’re simply focussed on getting on with the job. Not overpromising, not over spending; but improving services and life for our citizens with the hard fought gains in the economy that our plan brought about, and planning for a long term future with Ireland 2040.

“Fianna Fáil don’t have a long term plan, and if they got near power I personally doubt we’d see most of the Ireland 2040 projects happen, as their short term focus would see Fianna Fáil bring our economy to the abyss once again.”