Fine Gael TD for Dublin North West, Noel Rock, has welcomed the National Transport Authority’s proposal that the preliminary design works, route selection and railway order commencement works for the Finglas extension of the LUAS will be expedited and will take place in 2019.

This earlier revised date was discussed during a meeting between Deputy Rock and a senior representative of the NTA on the matter.

Deputy Rock said: “It has always been vital that we get this project up and running sooner rather than later. The Fing-LUAS project is an absolute no-brainer, and has the potential to transform the North-West of the City.

“We have several potential routes which are situated on much vacant, State-owned land. We need to ensure that the design works take place, the route is selected and the land is reserved as soon as possible in order to get the most out of it.

“I am glad to see that those at the top of the NTA share this thinking.”

Deputy Rock continued: “Since I successfully lobbied to have the Fing-LUAS included in the Project Ireland 2040 final document, having been alarmed at it being left out of the draft version of same, I said from the outset of my Fing-LUAS campaign that I would work day and night to ensure that the projected 2027 commencement of works was brought forward dramatically.

“I now believe we have taken a firm step forward in that regard, with an undertaking at our recent meeting that these works would begin in 2019, upon the conclusion of the MetroLink design works, when personnel are available to transfer to the Fing-LUAS project.”

Deputy Rock concluded: “As the only local representative to constructively engage with the NTA, and per my understanding the only representative of the Finglas area to seek a meeting with the NTA on this matter, I worked to achieve the best possible outcome for the people of Finglas rather than simply issuing press releases bemoaning the initial 2027 date like some.

“I am glad that we have achieved a practical, tangible, positive result for Finglas and surrounds. I will work to build on this progress and to move this project forward.”