Deputy Noel Rock has welcomed news that the Oireachtas Transport Committee has agreed to his request to haul in the National Transport Authority (NTA) to answer urgent outstanding questions on their BusConnects project. Speaking on the matter, Deputy Rock said: “I understand it is intended to hold an emergency meeting of the Oireachtas Transport Committee next week on this matter. This is good news as the NTA has serious questions to answer.

“The reality is that the NTA has once again failed in stakeholder engagement. None of the lessons from the painful Na Fianna Metrolink saga have been learned.

“Instead, we have a press release and an announcement today of 1,300 Compulsory Purchase Orders, and details of 16 routes along where these will happen, but no clarity on exactly which properties, routes or roads will be affected. This means over 20,000 people are left in suspense and left to wonder. That’s not good communication, and it’s nowhere near the standard I expect from a state body.

“The NTA has also failed in stakeholder engagement when it comes to the Oireachtas, with no invites for the Oireachtas Transport Committee for this morning’s launch by the NTA.

Accordingly, the Chair of the Transport Committee, Fergus O’Dowd has acceded to my request to haul in the NTA to answer questions around BusConnects. We need details on CPOs, information on road alignment changes and clarity on the integration between Metro construction and BusConnects works.

“Many are saying the NTA has become a law unto itself. It is our job in the Oireachtas as public representatives, to scrutinise these plans and hold people to account. And that is what I intend to do.”