This week, permission has been granted by Dublin City Council to demolish the remaining tower block as well as two other blocks in Ballymun. However, Fine Gael Local Representative for Ballymun, Noel Rock, today spoke of his concern about budgetary shortfalls for the project, as well as other incomplete aspects.

Speaking about this, Mr. Rock said: “Among the blocks that have received permission to be demolished are my own childhood home of 106 Balbutcher Lane and, while I am sad to see the place I grew up on the chopping block, I am also well aware that many families – my own included – have been able to avail of much more appropriate family accommodation in recent times. However, my concern is that while this permission for demolition has now been received, there is no firm timeline in place, and it seems as though while Ballymun Regeneration Limited is wound down, the remaining bits of this project will continue to be pushed off indefinitely. We need to see amenities like the shopping centre come to completion – this is a huge priority for the area, and its impact cannot be underestimated”.

Fine Gael Representative for the area, Mr. Rock, added: “I believe that it is of utmost importance that the funding is found to bring this project to completion in the coming months. We need to get on with the work of creating a new Ballymun, and before we can do that, we need to make sure that this regeneration is complete”.