I am delighted to have taken the third seat in the Ballymun Ward on Dublin City Council. The result comes against the backdrop of a difficult day for both Government parties in local elections.

Congratulations to Noeleen Reilly (SF) and Cathleen Carney-Boud (SF), both of whom were elected on the first count. I was elected third with 1,247 first preferences, followed by Andrew Montague (LAB), Paul McAuliffe (FF), Andrew Keegan (PBP) and Aine Clancy (LAB).

The electorate in Ballymun was 2,143, which I ultimately achieved on the 14th count, allowing me to take the third seat. This makes me the only new Dublin City Councillor for FG on the Northside, and the youngest Councillor in the Fine Gael group.

You can see the details of the count here.

Thank you to everyone who supported me and helped with the campaign, particularly to Conor McManus, Stephen Hall, James O’Sullivan, Michael Crean, Nigel Wheatley, Brendan Heneghan, Killian Keys, JP Phelan and – of course, my mother, brothers, grandparents and Dawn Wheatley, who have all been a huge support for which I am most grateful.

Dublin City Council will first meet on 6th June at 5pm, and I am looking forward to hitting the ground running.