This week the Irish Social Enterprise Network officially launched and as part of that launch they have announced that they will be establishing their main office in Glasnevin. Welcoming this news, Fine Gael Local Area Representative Noel Rock said “I am delighted to welcome the launch of the Irish Social Enterprise Network in Glasnevin. Social Enterprise is a sector which is taking off in a huge way in Ireland, and I am glad to see the official launch of this Network which will aid and support Social Enterprises through mentoring, networking and give another strong voice to the sector”.

Mr. Rock added: “Basing themselves on DCU’s campus, they will become a vital part of the local enterprise sector in Glasnevin and in the surrounding area and will, I hope, serve to help make Glasnevin the Social Enterprise capital of Ireland”.

Mr. Rock, a Fine Gael Local Area Representative, concluded: “I have no doubt that this team will make an immense contribution both locally and nationally, and I am proud to see that they’ve chosen Glasnevin as the place to start making a difference”.