Fine Gael Local Area Representative, Noel Rock, has today welcomed the announcement of 50 permanent jobs as well as 200 temporary jobs being created in Swords and Santry by Stream Global Services. The company will be holding an open meeting this Saturday between 11am and 3pm in Woodford Business Park.

Commenting on this, Mr. Rock, the local Fine Gael representative for Santry and surrounding areas, said: “This can only be seen as a good thing. These are the kind of jobs that people in North Dublin are crying out for. I will be corresponding with Stream Global Services to try and ensure that a percentage of these jobs are allocated locally. Young people in Santry, Ballymun and Whitehall would love to be given this opportunity”.

Mr. Rock, commenting at the announcement of these jobs on Monday, added: “People are working hard on getting back to work, and Fine Gael is committed to making sure that this happens. Through our jobs budgets and the recent introduction of the JobsPlus programme, where businesses are incentivised to take long-term unemployed people off of social welfare, we have put forward measure after measure to increase employment

Mr. Rock continued: “The unemployment rate nationally has been steadily and consistently coming down and – despite what people say – this fact cannot be attributed to emigration. In fact, last month there were 109 new companies being created per day in Dublin. This kind of growth is a sure sign that things have stabilised, confidence is growing, and businesses are keen to both start and expand in Dublin”.

Mr. Rock added: “It is clear to me that the City Council must continue to do everything in its power to allow job creation to happen here. Whether this is a moratorium on rates for new businesses, or putting pressure on an expansion of the Jobs Plus scheme specifically targeted at youth, there is no question that there is an appetite for politicians to allow business to flourish and jobs to come”.

Mr. Rock concluded: “Youth unemployment is the scourge of my generation, with so many being forced to emigrate due to the failure of previous administrations to watch over our best interests. Things are stabilising now and I know that this won’t be the last jobs announcement I welcome locally in the coming months”.

Note: The company will host an open house at its Santry location on Saturday, September 28th between 11 am and 3 pm, to discuss career opportunities.