Noel Rock, Glasnevin and Drumcondra representative, says change to law on rates will support local businesses.

Fine Gael Local Elections Candidate Noel Rock has welcomed a change to the law on rates. Under legislation put forward by Paudie Coffey TD, businesses will no longer be forced to pay rates arrears from the previous tenant when they take on new premises.

The legislation has been accepted by the Minister and is being included in the Local Government Reform Bill 2013. “This welcome moves comes in addition to a fifth consecutive reduction in rates by Dublin City Council this month, which saw a cumulative fall of 10% in business rates in the City – allowing businesses and jobs to grow as we’ve seen for the last number of months”.

“This is great news for businesses right across Glasnevin, Drumcondra, Santry and Whitehall, many of whom want to get going in vacant sites ASAP, and something they have been seeking for some time,” Mr. Rock stated.

“Under the old legislation, which dates back to 1838, tenants who vacated a property with rates due were not be liable and instead the new tenant is forced to pay the rates arrears. It was ludicrous that a law dating from before the Famine was still affecting Irish businesses in the 21st century,” he commented.

“Now, thanks to this change in the law, new tenants will no longer be liable for the rates arrears of previous tenants. This will allow new businesses to take up new premises and existing businesses to change premises without the fear of having a massive rates bill hanging over them after they move in. “I am pleased that the Government has taken this step in recognition of the great difficulty being faced by businesses around the country – this law change will go some way to make the rates system fairer and hopefully encourage and support entrepreneurship in our area,” Mr. Rock concluded.