Fine Gael Deputy and Oireachtas Transport Committee member Deputy Noel Rock, has today (Tuesday) written to both the National Transport Authority CEO and the Minister for Transport to urge them to trial incentives to assist taxi drivers with the cost of installing safety devices such as CCTV ‘dashcams’ and protective screens in their cars.

Deputy Rock said: “There is no question that more taxi drivers are being attacked than ever before, which is alarming. It’s a difficult job and it can also be a dangerous job.  It’s my belief that we should be working to ensure the safety of drivers as well as passengers.

“Accordingly, I have written to both the NTA and to the Minister to urge them to consider some measures to assist with the installation of these useful safety devices in their cars. A small grant would go a long way to assist taxi drivers in installing these safety devices.

“In addition to that, I have also sought a meeting with the management of the largest taxi app in the market, to see what safety measures they intend to implement themselves following reports that gangs were targeting older and more vulnerable taxi drivers based on the information which is presented within an app when a taxi is booked.

“Again, for the sake of the safety of both passengers and drivers, this needs to be looked at.

“Ultimately, I see this as an investment in the safety of our taxi drivers, our passengers and indeed something which will hopefully reduce insurance premiums by increasing safety for all,” the Fine Gael TD said.