Why should I vote for Noel Rock?
– I was the only Councillor on Dublin City Council who did not claim any expenses. The average Councillor took home €12,000 in unreceipted, unvouched expenses. I was the only Councillor of any party to reject these, and to work to bring about reform here: I don’t believe any politician should receive expenses without receipts and proper transparency. Others talk a lot about political reform, but I embrace it, and keep my promises.

– We need a voice at the Government table to ensure we get the investment we need in the years ahead. Three opposition voices simply won’t get our area the investment we need and, according to the pundits, including RTE, I am in contention with the second Sinn Fein candidate for the final seat in this constituency, with the Social Democrat candidate and the first Sinn Fein candidate poised to take the first two seats.

The last five years were about restoring the economy, the next five years must be about restoring fairness, and restoring investment.

The hard fought gains of the last five years will allow the next Government to do more of the kind of things we want to do: a fairer deal for parents, a fairer deal for pensioners, more investment in transport, in crime prevention, in education, in healthcare and in our local amenities.
We need a voice at the table. We need to make sure we get the investment we need. For that, we need a voice in Government. I hope you will trust me with your Number 1 vote tomorrow.