“From ‘An Ireland For All’ to ‘A Dáil For Fianna Fáil’ in less than 48 hours” – Rock
Speaking today on Fianna Fáil’s new found commitment to political reform, Fine Gael’s youngest TD Noel Rock, a new TD for Dublin North West said: “I am astonished that the very first thing Fianna Fáil have decided to pursue following the election – ahead of having a government that can deal with homelessness, health and making sure we can provide jobs to improve the lives of all the people who voted for all the parties – is to make sure the Opposition Micheal intends to bring his party in to is more comfortable for them. What happened to their slogan of ‘An Ireland For All’? How do they intend to pursue this while simultaneously running away from the responsibilities of Government?”
“It’s clear that, rather than wanting ‘An Ireland For All’, what they actually want is a Dáil for Fianna Fáil, where they spend an entire month changing procedures to make life in opposition more comfortable for them, rather than putting any priority on the pressing needs we face in healthcare, housing and – indeed – the economy”.
“While I welcome Micheal Martin’s sudden conversion to political reform – it’s remarkable that after a career in frontline politics starting since before I was born, he has only now become a convert to the cause. Indeed, when Noel Dempsey was left flailing in the wind in 1999 as he tried to implement similar reforms, Micheal Martin was in power and his friend Bertie – who is now out doing his bidding in the media again – was in charge. Yet nothing was done”.
“Some people talk the talk on political reform, but the last administration has walked the walk: an end to Galway Tent-style corporate donations, the introduction of gender quotas, proper pre-legislative scrutiny”.
“There’s more to do and, as a new Fine Gael TD, I intend to do it. However, while I welcome this new and long overdue stance from Micheal, I can’t escape the feeling that they simply want to play pass the parcel politics: rejecting Government with anyone, rejecting responsibility, putting party first and making life more comfortable for themselves when they choose opposition”.
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