The comical continuation of Fianna Fáil’s flip flopping on Irish Water shows they are not on the side of people who paid their water charges, Fine Gael TD Noel Rock, has claimed.

Deputy Rock, a Dublin North West TD for Fine Gael, said the latest call by Fianna Fáil to delay the refunding of water charges to households across the country was typical of that party and was an incredible position to adopt.

“In its current call to delay refunds, Fianna Fáil clearly is not on the side of those who paid their water charges.

“It is absolutely vital that those who paid water charges are no worse off than those who didn’t pay, and I can’t believe Fianna Fáil want to delay refunds even further.

“The only policy Fianna Fáil ever had on water was to consistently u-turn on its previous position. Their latest move is a comical continuation of their flip flopping on the issue of water. They simply can’t seem to determine their stance on the matter.

“This is typical flip-flopping by the Party which originally wanted to charge the public a flat €500 charge for water and now don’t want to refund the 61% of people who paid the water charges and are now entitled to a refund.”

Deputy Rock continued, “This shows how out of touch Fianna Fáil is in terms of doing what is best for the State, the economy and its citizens.

“This Government is determined to refund the charges by the end of the year, paid for by an underspend across Departments. The refunds will not impact on Budget 2018.

“The economy is safe in the hands of a Government that is decisive and working to ensure continued economic growth and restoring fairness across the State.

“Announcements such as this show up the Fianna Fáil party for what they truly are – feeble and indecisive”, concluded Deputy Rock.