Fine Gael TD for Dublin North West, Noel Rock has called for clear action to be taken in relation to the huge rise in bin charges, being imposed by waste companies across the country.

“These increases by the waste companies are crazy and we need to act to ensure people aren’t saddled with these hikes.

“I outlined to the Taoiseach yesterday the scale of the price rises, and the fact that expectations that most people would be paying less under pay by weight, have absolutely not been borne out.

“A simple back of the envelope calculation shows that even a very modest 5kg of waste per week with some providers will mean most families are now paying more than they were before. This is unacceptable.

“What we need now is action. I’m happy to hear that Minister Coveney is meeting with representatives of the waste industry next Wednesday.

“As far as I see it, we should now do two things. Firstly I am calling on the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission to investigate the pricing models thoroughly and report back as soon as possible. Secondly we should immediately consider some form of assistance for those on low incomes, who will struggle to meet this burden. There is no question but that we need a fast response to this”.