I have been keeping on top of the City Council for the last few months concerning the Shopping Centre in order to ensure that residents in our area are kept up to date. Please find below their latest statement to me on the matter:

The Dublin City Development Plan 2011-2017 contains a list of 16 LAP’s to be prepared, one of which is for Ballymun. With the wind down of Ballymun Regeneration Ltd, it is considered an opportune time to prepare such a Plan, and as such the Planning Department has sought approval from the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government for the temporary recruitment of a Planner in order to allow this work to commence.

The Plan will set out proposals for all remaining sites and infrastructural requirements for Ballymun. The City Council completed the acquisition of the Shopping Centre in December 2014 with a number of tenants remaining in
situ. Negotiations are ongoing to achieve vacant possession to enable re-development taking place on a cleared site.