Ballymun Shopping Centre Fire “Shows Need For Urgent Regeneration”

Noel Rock, Councillor for the Ballymun area, has spoken out about the shopping centre fire on Sunday night saying that it is a “regrettable incident which is under investigation but that above all else it highlights the need for urgent regeneration”.

Speaking on the matter, Councillor Rock said “I’m not keen to speculate on the cause, as it is currently under investigation by Garda Siochana. However it is clear that this underlines the case for urgent regeneration, as this site is becoming a magnet for antisocial behaviour, and as the summer approaches, this could well increase”.

Councillor Rock continued: “A large, mostly abandoned site, in the centre of Ballymun is not an ideal situation and while the new investment of €1,8m in a neighbouring site is welcomed, it’s clear that we need to urgently move along with the redevelopment within the context of the Ballymun Local Area Plan. We have challenges as an area, but we also have opportunities. As councillors, we have rights to raise issues, but we also have responsibilities – and it’s clear that it’s our responsibility to keep making the case for the urgent redevelopment”