First of all, a personal note. Like many people, I am frustrated and annoyed about this issue. I find it incredible that we’ve been teetering so close to “water bankruptcy” for so long in Dublin, with only 1% reserve capacity available in Dublin, while most other European cities have 20% reserve capacity. This is simply not good enough, and I will continue to voice my frustrations about this issue. A statement from the Council follows below:

Dublin Water Restrictions will remain in place until at least Thursday 7th November.

Dublin City Council, on behalf of the four Dublin Local Authorities, is advising consumers in the entire Dublin region that the current water restrictions will remain in place each evening, from tonight until at least Thursday 7th November, from 8.00pm each evening, to 7.00am the following morning. We are reviewing the water supply situation on a daily basis and a decision will be taken when appropriate, to change the current level of restrictions. We wish to once again urge consumers all over the Dublin region to conserve water, in an effort to assist us in restoring levels in our treated water reservoirs to normal. It should be stressed that there is no problem with the quality of treated drinking water or with storage levels of untreated/raw water.

An analysis of the current situation carried out at Ballymore Eustace Water Treatment Plant, has shown a stabilisation in production at the Plant. However, despite this stabilisation, production at the Plant is still at a level well below that required to meet demand. Coupled with this, storage levels at our treated water reservoirs remain at an un-sustainably low level.