Fianna Fáil have a two-faced approach when it comes to taxpayer’s money, a Fine Gael TD has said.

“Yesterday, they made vague but expensive promises on transport, the environment and tackling Brexit. Today, they are committed to prudence,” Deputy Noel Rock said.

“On Monday, Fianna Fáil commenced a glitzy, online advertising campaign promoting their transport policies and cited how they will combat vehicle emissions and work on Brexit.

“As usual from Fianna Fáil, their fantasy plan – both in the video and in the linked website – is short on actual detail and substance. Fianna Fáil promise they will:

“drastically improve Ireland’s transport networks by investing in public transport and rolling out a modern electric vehicle infrastructure. We will support commuters by tackling congestion and prioritising much needed road and public transport upgrades.”

“However, they do not spell out what they will do differently to what the Government is currently doing through Project Ireland 2040, what it will cost to ‘drastically improve’ our transport network and how they will pay to do this.

“Given the transport capital budget this year is €1.6bn alone, up from €1.3bn last year, any such changes will be expensive,” Deputy Rock said.

“This sums up Fianna Fáil’s two-faced approach to economic management. Yesterday, making vague but expensive promises. Today, committing to prudence,” he added.