Retailers charging surcharges of up to 10% of transaction, despite minimal costs

Fine Gael General Election candidate for Dublin North West, Councillor Noel Rock has called on retailers to “drop the fees and get behind contactless payments”.


“We need to do right by consumers here. Contactless cards and changes in fee structures mean that retailers are no longer paying an absolutely minimal amount on each card transaction, yet I was surprised to find a number of outlets are adding a surcharge of 25 cents for contactless payments. This is, frankly, bad practice, and is taking advantage of consumers not knowing better: contactless payments cost a retailer very, very little – yet some retailers are slapping on 25 cents per transaction, or a surcharge of up to 10%. It’s ludicrous,” Councillor Rock said.
“One contactless payment is made every second in Ireland, and consumers will clearly vote with their feet if retailers continue to try and take advantage with onerous fees – given the average contactless purchase is a low €7.92, it’s quite clear that the whole point of this system is to incentivise fast, casual purchases. That’s why the Government set out the National Payments Plan towards promoting electronic transactions, and changed the structure of debit and credit card fees in Budget 2016: we want to encourage retailers and consumers to embrace the new realities of electronic purchases, yet some retailers are dragging their heels.


“For Irish consumers and tourists alike, I believe the continued expansion of contactless payments, and the continued provision and focus on value for money and good customer service is vital, and I would hope that certain retailers will take heed and stop their attempts at profit gouging. Tourists from 54 countries have made a contactless payment using Visa cards in Ireland, so it’s clearly not confined to Irish people, this affects tourists too. I will be raising this matter at the next possible opportunity in Dublin City Council’s Economic and Enterprise Committee, as I truly feel this is not on,” he added