Fine Gael representative for Glasnevin Noel Rock today spoke about the shooting which took place in the vicinity of Glasnevin Avenue. Mr. Rock said: “I was shocked and saddened to hear of the shootings in Glasnevin this morning. I would urge the Gardai to increase patrols and visible presence in the area in the weeks ahead”.

Mr. Rock added: “This event showed reckless behaviour of the sort we haven’t seen in the area in a long time and, had it been a week later, with children present at that hour, this could’ve been an even more tragic event. As it stands, I urge any members of the public to come forward and share any information they have with the Gardai about this or any other issues in the area”.

Mr. Rock continued: “I think it is important that a visible, steady Garda presence is seen in and around Glasnevin Avenue for the next few weeks to assure residents and the community that this is being taken very seriously and that all efforts are being undertaken to ensure there is no repeat”.