Sinn Fein Are Being Disingenuous About Pyrite
Pyrite gets zero mentions in their budget submission, yet they criticise the Government for committing €10million.

Noel Rock, the Local Election candidate for Drumcondra, Glasnevin, Ballymun and Santry has today criticised Sinn Fein’s “unfortunate forgetfulness and hypocrisy when it comes to the pyrite situation”.

Outlining his point, Mr. Rock said: “Deputy Ellis is being disingenuous about the pyrite issue. Deputy Ellis, their spokesperson on housing, along with his Sinn Fein colleagues clearly forgot about the pyrite situation – as the word ‘pyrite’ gets precisely zero mentions in their own budget submission, which was put together over a number of months according to their finance spokesperson”.

Mr. Rock continued: “I find it completely unacceptable that Deputy Ellis can now criticise this Government for committing €10m to the situation initially, with potentially more funding to come, as being insufficient when, in fact, his own party pledged zero to the situation, and completely forgot to mention it in their own pre-budget submission. As their party spokesperson on housing, Deputy Ellis has a lot to answer for on this issue.

Mr. Rock added: “It brings you to the unavoidable question: why isn’t it there? Do Sinn Fein not care about the pyrite situation? Did Deputy Ellis forget about it? We have pledged €10m to the situation, with potentially more to come, and now for the first time they suddenly remember the issue and are complaining about it despite not including it in either of their last two Budget submissions. Their hypocrisy is incredible, and their empty words just aren’t good enough when it comes to solving this serious problem”.