Posters are up now, which means campaigns are in full swing. It’s a huge effort to get posters up for an election – teams are made up of volunteers, and in our case we had fifteen volunteers spread across six teams on the evening. It was a herculean effort, with two of our teams running right through until early hours of the next morning, before then going back at it again the next night.

It takes a lot of effort, energy, time, dedication and organisation and I want to take the time to pay tribute to the people who took the time to help out.

Posters are one way to communicate a campaign, though I’ve worked hard for two years to communicate my work in a number of ways: newsletters, letters, coffee mornings, public meetings (transport, crime, children’s rights and employment), calling around and – of course – this website and social media.

When it comes to posters, for my part, I have worked to make sure that my posters are hung in unobtrusive positions and, where they’ve fallen or been moved, I have acted to move them as quickly as possible. Please do let me know on 085 7049415 or if there’s a problem with one of my posters – maybe it’s falling down, or has been ripped, or has a classic “moustache drawn on” look. Nevertheless, we’ll try to patch it up.