TD for Dublin North West, Noel Rock, has expressed concern and dissatisfaction following Pro 10’s statement this evening concerning their role in the Rio Olympic ticket scandal. Pro 10 have this evening released a statement giving their version of events relating to the ticketing discrepancies during the 2016 Olympic Games.
“This evening’s belated statement from the Authorised Ticketing Agency of the Olympic Council of Ireland, Pro 10, invites more questions than answers.

“For instance, why have no affected customers come forward? Why did the authorised ticket seller have no representative in Rio? Why did a company with no representative in the host city get the contract for all the tickets in the first instance? Why weren’t the Olympic Council of Ireland seemingly aware of this during any of their statements? How on earth did a company without a representative in the host city win the contract as the sole ticket supplier and how exactly did they win the rights to this? There are now many more questions to be answered.

“Minister Shane Ross will be travelling to Rio on Sunday and meeting with Pat Hickey on Monday and I sincerely hope more satisfactory answers will be found than what we have seen to date. This situation is completely unacceptable and is at risk of overshadowing our very real achievements in these Games.

“While I’m hoping there is a reasonable explanation, there are still a great many questions to be answered in terms of good governance that will simply not be answered by any criminal inquiry which is being undertaken in Rio. If the Minister cannot get satisfactory answers, I would certainly repeat my call for the OCI to come before the Public Accounts Committee”.