The below is in relation to this story.

In my capacity as a local representative, on occasion I am passed information relating to a number of matters. I believe that the information I have been passed in relation to the above story in the Irish Daily Mirror is of local relevance to families and parents in the vicinity and, as such, I am relaying it to you.

In recent days, responding to unusual activity taking place outside a local school in Glasnevin, the Mountjoy Garda Station has decided to station a car outside the school. It has emerged that a former sexual offender, who resides near Connolly Station, has been walking up to the school most days for a number of weeks and waiting outside.

I have written to An Garda Siochana in order to ensure this situation is monitored closely, and I would emphasise that this is purely a letter to inform you and ensure you are aware of the situation.

Upon receiving this information, I have decided that it is best to relay it to you. While there is legal difficulty with me naming or identifying the individual on my own website, he is identified in the above linked story, and I believe it is my responsibility to let you know. I have spoken to the local Garda station in relation to this and am satisfied that they are taking it seriously. I hope this letter is received in the correct spirit, and purely as information for families and parents in the area, as I believe it is your right to be kept informed about such matters as and when they occur.