I was glad to attend the Maths Week 2013 event in Botanic Gardens on Sunday. Children (and parents!) from all around the area had plenty to see and do with table after table of interactive games and shows. It’s clear that there’s a great local interest in this kind of thing, and equally clear that – on the right day – the Botanic Gardens is a wonderfully suitable venue for it.

The quality of education, and mathematics in particular, is vital for future employment needs, as more and more technically complex jobs will become standard. Maths and science education are important, as are other extra-curricular programmes such as CoderDojos, which also have a healthy ecosystem locally I am glad to see.

Mathematics is important to our future, and with so many good schools as well as Dublin City University in the area, local parents are able to nurture the talent and potential of their children without needing to look too far. I was glad to welcome this event to the area yesterday, and I hope to see many similar events in the future.