“Micheál Martin’s rhetoric doesn’t match his record in relation to the promotion of public infrastructure projects”, a Fine Gael TD has said.

Deputy Noel Rock said: “I have consistently worked in support of the project to bring the LUAS to Finglas and I was surprised to hear Micheál Martin criticise my efforts in the Dáil today. It’s a mystery why it upsets Micheál Martin so much that my attention has been given to a community which historically has seen massive underinvestment. I make no apologies for advocating for my constituency and working hard for my constituents – no public representative should have to apologise for that.

“Fine Gael has delivered the extended LUAS line, has plans in place for the Metro, is bringing the LUAS to Finglas and much more. I can see why that would leave a sour taste in the mouth of a man who was part of the cabinet who promised it well over a decade ago.

“By contrast, throughout Fianna Fail’s time in power, Ministers and Deputies made grand claims about infrastructure projects that were never completed or delivered.

“This is the third time Micheál Martin has singled me out in the Dáil and on this occasion it’s for doing the job of any good public representative and advocating for my constituency.

“It is hypocritical in the extreme however when you look at his record. In 2007 Deputy Martin himself campaigned on and delivered leaflets about infrastructural projects in his Cork constituency. The difference is that 11 years later, of the five projects he “championed”, two of them haven’t happened while the LUAS to Finglas absolutely will happen.

“I wonder is Micheál still “championing” that Cork to Galway motorway? He campaigned for it in 2007; it’s finally being delivered as announced by Leo Varadkar last October. That modernisation of Kent Train Station he wanted completed in 2007? It was opened last November after two years of construction funded by a Fine Gael lead Government.

“Unlike Micheál and Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael delivers. Micheál should get in touch if he needs any tips advocating for infrastructure projects in his own locality. My constituency office hours are on my Facebook page.”




Note to Editor: Noel Rock’s FingLUAS Project work included getting the Finglas LUAS project on the agenda, included in the Project Ireland plan having been omitted from the draft, and ensuring the NTA committed on the record to commencing design and land procurement once Metro designs are signed off.