The loss of Na Fianna’s main playing pitch looks set to be averted following a successful campaign by the club. The news was welcomed by local Fine Gael TD, Noel Rock, who has campaigned against the loss of the pitch, threatened by the upcoming Metro works.

Speaking ahead of an appearance before the Oireachtas Transport Committee tomorrow, the National Transport Authority has highlighted it is now looking at a single large tunnel for the Metro, rather than a smaller tunnel in each direction. This would avoid the need for a tunnelling site to be placed on the lands at Na Fianna.

Speaking on the matter, Deputy Rock said: “This is a welcome outcome and is what I campaigned for.

“The idea of Na Fianna’s main pitch becoming a tunnelling site for 7 years was simply not a runner. I am satisfied that the main pitch will now be saved, and glad to have played my part in a sustained campaign to ensure that the Metro went ahead, but took account of these very valid concerns from the schools and the clubs.”

Na Fianna and St Mobhi road will still be disrupted due to the building of the station, however Na Fianna’s main pitch will be spared. Furthermore the duration of the works will now be 2 years as opposed to 7, and disruption will be substantially reduced in size and timescale.

In addition, the single tunnel solution would also be easier and result in cost savings, going from north of Northwood to Charlemont.

Deputy Rock continued: “I would like to commend all involved for bringing about a significant alteration in this plan, which will now see Na Fianna’s main pitch retained, the construction footprint reduced, and the timeframe of disruption vastly reduced.

“While there remain outstanding issues to resolve, I am confident we can do so in a constructive way. I look forward to taking the Metro to work, and have been assured that I’ll be on board before my 40th birthday on November 11th 2027.”