Noel Rock, the local candidate for Ballymun, today called on Dublin City Council and Fingal County Council to “work together to solve the godawful mess on St. Margaret’s Road. The road, which serves as the dividing line between Fingal County Council and Dublin City Council has been a litter blackspot for a long time now, and a constituent recently put together a video which really highlighted the problem in a very stark way”.

The video, which is available here shows multiple mattresses and huge mounds of litter on both sides of the road, right the way along the stretch. Mr. Rock, a local Peace Commissioner, added: “We have problems with illegal dumping all over the city, but I have never seen anything quite on the scale of this – this is positively unprecedented in terms of the amount of dumped litter. Given what people in Dublin pay in taxes and charges, this just isn’t the kind of thing we should be putting up with”.

Mr. Rock concluded: “Illegal dumping is a big problem, but it seems as though a few individuals think that they have found a spot where enforcement won’t take place. I would encourage both Councils to come together and first, clean it up. Then, use their combined knowledge of tracking down those who illegally dump, and attempt to find out who is behind some of this dumping, and prosecute them to the fullest extent. This kind of thing is intolerable”.