Councillor Rock welcomes sponsorship deal, which will see number of bikes treble to 1,500 and docking stations increased to 100

Bike scheme to be known as Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes

Dublin City Council and JCDecaux Ireland announced today, 18th June 2014, that Coca-Cola Zero will become the commercial  partner of dublinbikes in a three-year agreement.
The Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes were unveiled at the announcement at Hanover Quay dublinbikes station at 11am today and will be available to the scheme’s members from the end of June.

Dublin City Councillor Noel Rock welcomed this move, saying: “Obviously in order to fund this world-class city bicycle scheme, we need funding. This sponsorship deal provides funding and, while some people may have misgivings about branding such a scheme, the reality is that this allows us to expand it further and faster than it was first envisaged – with 1,500 bicycles and 100 stations ready by the end of this summer, and more to come”.

Mr. Rock continued: “The amount of money committed by Coca-Cola to this project is a great boost to this project, and the length of the three-year deal allows the City Council to make real plans for the future of this scheme. Cycling is a key component in the future of transport in this city, where we are working towards the strategic goal of cycling making up 10% of commutes by 2020. I fully believe we can achieve that, but believe we need a cohesive, holistic plan in order to make this happen – and an expanded, strengthened, well-funded DublinBikes scheme is a huge component in that plan. As such, I welcome the news.

The three-year commercial partnership deal, worth almost €2m, will see the scheme rebranded as Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes.  Coca-Cola Zero branding will be on dublinbikes from the end of June 2014.

Latest Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes statistics

Active long term members: 42,083
Journeys in 2014: 979,786
Total journeys since 2009: 7,170,820
Busiest ever day: 11,096 on 12th June, 2014
Percentage of journeys that have been free: 95%