Dublin FF Cllr Wants To Hand Over Power of City Council and Avoid Budget Decisions

McAuliffe Using The Kind Of FF Decision Avoidance Tactics That Brought Us The Troika

Fine Gael’s Glasnevin candidate Noel Rock this morning slammed Fianna Fáil Cllr. McAuliffe’s statement which called on Dublin to emulate Donegal by voting down its budget, and hand over the decision making to somebody else. Mr. Rock launched a scathing condemnation, calling it: “Classic Bertie-esque pump and dump: pump up the populism, dump the decision making. Cllr McAuliffe in his statement advocates Labour to vote no then fails to even once mention an alternative budget proposal in his statement, and instead asks them to look to Donegal: because he knows that ultimately it will be unelected bureaucrats who end up taking the hard budgetary decisions.

Mr. Rock, a candidate in Glasnevin, Drumcondra and Santry, continued: “Cllr McAuliffe doesn’t even try to hide the fact that he wants elected representatives to avoid decision making and stop doing their job. Fianna Fáil handed over the sovereignty of Ireland to the Troika, now Cllr McAuliffe wants to hand over the sovereignty of Dublin and take the vote out of the hands of the Councillors.

Cllr McAuliffe could redeem himself by talking about an alternative budget even once in his statement, by setting out his stall – even if that stall were as threadbare and regressive as the Fianna Fáil national budgets between 2008-2011, where they introduced USC.

Fianna Fáil love that kind of stuff: ignore the details and jump for the easy option, the glossy substanceless nonsense. Cllr McAuliffe would rather have no budget than have the elected Dublin City Councillors make a hard decision. It’s a disingenuous stance”.