Dublin Airport’s taxi rank needs an innovative overhaul because the current set-up doesn’t appear to work for anyone, a Fine Gael TD has said.

Dublin North West TD, Noel Rock, has expressed hope that the consultation process recently announced by Dublin Airport will see real, tangible solutions emerge because the current set-up is the worst of all worlds for customers and drivers.

“Dublin Airport is often the first impression visitors from overseas, including tourists and those arriving for work, get of Ireland – and waiting for a long time for a taxi at one of the busiest points for pick-ups does not create the best impression.

“It seems that the current system does not work well for anybody. For drivers it creates problems; for customers there is often what seems like an inexplicable shortage of drivers at peak periods or at night and for the airport managing the ranks appears to be a logistical nightmare.

“This simply shouldn’t be the case. Dublin Airport is a world-class facility but sadly the first-class travel experience does not extend to its taxi ranks.

“We are still waiting for work to begin on a Metro that would link the airport to the city. The lack of a direct rail link from the airport to the city centre is something that sets Dublin apart from many similar European cities.

“Meanwhile, the National Transport Authority has only just committed to trialling a 24-hour bus service to and from the airport to the city centre. This is something I have long called for as it seems baffling that a 24-hour airport would not have a 24-hour bus service.

“A fluid, working taxi rank should be the bare minimum standard while we await Metro and other improvements.

“The airport has, at least, taken the proactive step of holding a consultation on the taxi rank system.

“However, I have repeatedly sought clarification on the current status of this consultation from the DAA, to no avail.

“This must be prioritised and communicated with airport users,” he concluded.