Botanic House Shuts Doors For Last Time

Fine Gael Local Representative Noel Rock today expressed “disappointment and surprise” after discovering the closure of one of Glasnevin’s most prominent pubs, the Botanic House. Speaking on the matter, Mr. Rock said: “It seems the pub’s leaseholder has entered liquidation as of this week, and I was informed by a member of staff today, and was obviously disappointed by the loss of both a local venue and local jobs. I naturally sympathise with those who have lost their jobs and hope that they can find employment in the immediate future. I have spoken to a staff member already and, if any others are looking for work, I would urge them to contact me”.

Mr. Rock continued: “The Botanic House’s leaseholder has entered liquidation but, to my mind, there is absolutely the possibility of this venue being reopened in the near future if a suitable tenant can be found. A number of pubs are actively looking for outlets throughout the city, and I have no doubt that given the fantastic location, the great local clientele and the recovery in our own local economy that this situation can be salvaged and hopefully some of these jobs can be brought back”.

Mr. Rock added: “The surprise was compounded by its ‘Citi Bistro’ restaurant only opening for the first time a few weeks ago, which I was glad to attend”.

Mr. Rock added: “In a few weeks time we will see the reopening of the Washerwoman restaurant locally, something which I very much welcome following the purchase by renowned restaurant owner Brian Montague [owner of The Winding Stair], who I know will do an excellent job of providing great local food and great local jobs. I can only hope that the Botanic House goes through the same process and that, in a few months time, we can see its doors open again”.