Starting in March 2014, all commercial waste operators working in the Dublin City area will have to coordinate their collections and collect on the same day.

This will, it is hoped, reduce disruption to quieter residential areas by only having bins out on the side of the road one day a week, as opposed to the current situation where up to three different companies could be collecting on three different days of the week. Most areas in our locality will be collected on a Wednesday, except Beaumont and a bit of Santry which will be on a Friday, as shown in the map above.

When we thnk about one of the biggest problems in Dublin City: illegal dumping, which happens right throughout our area, this new bin policy should help to eliminate that. By having all companies collect on the same day, it will be easier to work to eliminate this problem which is currently plaguing many areas in and around our local area.

The introduction of this kind of common sense rule is exactly the kind of thing that Dublin City Council should be pursuing. See the full map here: