Ballymun Local Representative Rock Condemns Ballymun Shooting

Ballymun Local Representative Noel Rock has today strongly condemned the shooting dead of a man in his 40s outside a school in Ballymun today.

“This kind of shooting in broad daylight is becoming depressingly frequent, and this criminality must be stamped out.

A shooting outside a school in broad daylight shows these people have no respect for law and order. It’s as brazen as it gets, and it’s just chance that we’re in the middle of an Easter break and no children were there to witness this horrific scene. It was practically across the road from Ballymun Garda Station, which makes it worse.

This isn’t welcome here in Ballymun, and I would condemn it in the strongest possible terms – as would all local people. This is a great community and this kind of criminal activity needs to be ended, whatever the cost. People are fed up of this, it’s the 7th gun murder of 2014 already, and more needs to be done to stamp this out. I would urge anybody who has any knowledge to contact Gardai in Ballymun. It’s dreadful, and the circumstances have the community very fearful, though I would urge anybody who witnessed it to overcome this fear.

My sympathies go to his wife and son. Many in the community who know him have spoken of a decent man. This incident should not overshadow the sustained work on crime prevention being done in Ballymun and I have full faith that An Garda Siochana will find those responsible”.

I’m the local representative for the Ballymun area, and a peace commissioner locally. Let me know if you need anything else 085 7049415.