Dublin City Councillor Noel Rock today (Tuesday) welcomed the publication of the initial report of the Post Office Business Development Group, saying it paints an optimistic picture for the future of post offices in Dublin North West and around the country.

Speaking on the matter, Councillor Rock said: “The publication of the report follows the news that the tender for the Ballymun Post Office has been awarded to Robert Murphy, so it will be staying in the area and will be based in Supervalu. This is good news, and puts an end to the fearmongering being incorrectly whipped up by some local politicians”.

“On the wider issue though, the Chair of the Post Office Business Development Group, Bobby Kerr has emphasised that our post office network must diversify in order to secure its future and to grow. This Group’s remit is to examine opportunities to deliver more government and commercial business through our Post Offices,” Councillor Rock explained.

“The Business Development Group is examining four main areas into which the post office network can expand: financial services; government services; social capital and enterprise and white labelling. Some of the ideas proposed include using post offices to pay motor tax, the local property tax, hospital charges and expanding the banking services already provided.

“It’s worth noting that the vast majority of post office closures took place during the terms of the last two Governments. This Fine Gael-led Government has protected the remaining network and has stated clearly that it wants our post office network to thrive.
“The full report will be published in September. In the meantime, the initial report is available for consultation. I encourage all interested groups to get involved and have their say. The consultation runs from 16th June to 28th July and the full text of the report is available on the website of the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources at: